To Make This Much More Ridiculous

Thirty years ago, portable players were “enhancing” the sport Boy with massive amalgamations of lights, audio system, magnifiers, and control extensions to make the barely-pocketable system approximately the size of a toaster. It’s in that spirit of joyous anti-practicality that YouTube channel ETA PRIME hooked up a full-sized desktop graphics card to the Steam Deck. Yes, it’s precisely as ridiculous and great because it sounds. While the Steam Deck’s USB-C port can output video to its dock accessory, it isn’t a full Thunderbolt port, so it doesn’t work with the semi-standardized exterior GPU devices in the marketplace. To get round this limitation, ETA PRIME (spotted by Video Game Chronicle) cracked open the Steam Deck’s case and hooked up a PCI extension adapter on to the device’s M.2 storage enlargement port. To make this much more ridiculous, the 80mm adapter is more than double the length of the Steam Deck’s 30mm bay, so it needed to be held in place with double sticky tape.
The adapter itself requires exterior power, right here provided by a regular ATX power provide operating rails to both the adapter and the graphics card plugged into it. ETA PRIME tested with a Radeon RX 6900 XT – which is about twice the scale of the Steam Deck even without the additional connection hardware. Unsurprisingly, the AMD Ryzen APU-primarily based Steam Deck doesn’t appear to wish to play good with Nvidia desktop playing cards. Without the internal M.2 storage, Windows had to be loaded onto a MicroSD card with an USB-C flash drive acting as supplementary storage. Briefly, it really works. An USB-C hub was used for mouse and keyboard input, since truly taking part in with the Steam Deck’s rear open could be less than smart. The restricted knowledge bandwidth of the M.2 slot.2 slot. The RX 6900 XT setup is bottlenecked by the Steam Deck’s APU. Newer video games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring confirmed poorer performance, but have been nonetheless considerably better than the Steam Deck alone. Should you create a Frankenstein monster of hardware to connect a desktop GPU to the Steam Deck? But even so, benchmarks show roughly 4-5 occasions the graphical efficiency, permitting the tiny gadget to play The Witcher three in 4K at more than 100 frames per second. In fact not! Is it enjoyable to look at somebody achieve it? You guess! If nothing else, it reveals that Valve would possibly need to consider enabling customary exterior GPU assist on future iterations of the Steam Deck hardware.
Mutley dons her cap and finds a cool treatment for the canine days of summer season. See more photos of pets. You strap on the oxygen tank, wetsuit, mask and fins, sink into the ocean, and you’re enveloped by the silence of the deep sea. Scuba diving is a sport enjoyed by millions of people everywhere in the world. Stingrays and jellyfish glide by, weightless and graceful. In the space, you see one thing else. Schools of shiny reef fish dart back and forth in unison. It’s swimming with a fellow scuba diver, and it has a tank and mask of its own. It could possibly be child, but it’s too small and appears like it’d really be … As you get closer, you find that it isn’t a baby — it’s a dog. It’s Mutley the dog. Mutley the scuba diving canine. Scuba diving enthusiast and pet lover Gene Alba, of Redding, Calif., is the man answerable for this unusual canine exercise.
A longtime diver, Alba dreamed up a scuba setup for his shaggy mixed breed, Mutley. Alba had no previous expertise constructing scuba gear, however his inventive considering and 20-yr dive historical past have been all he wanted to successfully design a working canine scuba system — that and about $40,000. Her head is outfitted in a customized-made, inverted Plexiglas bubble, which can be weighted. Alba sewed constructed-in pockets on the sides of the wet suit that hold lead weights, which retains Mutley from rising too excessive or sinking too low. An inverted bell, bowl or bubble holds pressurized air so long as it is stored upright — but that also makes it more durable to submerge. It takes sixteen pounds of lead weights around Mutley’s bubble to maintain her underwater, but still buoyant. The same precept as a diving bell is at work here. Alba labored out all the pieces in his backyard pool before taking Mutley into the ocean.

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